Engineering & Fabrication with Zacc Douglas.

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When highly qualified engineers, draftsmen and estimators work together with experienced boilermakers and machinists as part of one big team, nothing is left to chance.

Zacc Douglas, Engineering Manager says it’s PJL’s collaborative approach, from concept, design, fabrication and installation that helps deliver customised solutions for clients.

“If a client comes to us with an idea of what they want to build, implement or amend, to speed up their processes, we assign an engineer or draftsman to work one-on-one with them to discuss the details of what they’re after,” Zacc said.

“We will then come up with a concept design that we hope meets our client’s needs. We then submit the concept to the client for approval, making sure we’re on the same page, and then we build the product.

“The beauty of our capabilities at our facility in Orange is that we can execute everything in the one location. Not only do these capabilities assist with the projects that go through our Orange workshops, but our other branches across Australia,” Zacc said.

“Because our design & draft work is done in-house, if our teams on the floor or at our remote branch have any questions around a design or drawing, it’s only a matter of popping upstairs or calling our head office to speak with the engineer or draftsman that created the design.”

Constantly exploring and investing in new design technology and applications is at the forefront of delivering state-of-the art solutions to clients.

“For example, we’ve invested in some new 3D scanning technology that gives us the capability to go on site and conduct a 3D scan of the area and design a particular project to accurately fit with precision into the area we’ve just scanned,” Zacc explained.

“This not only assists us to provide our clients with accurate estimates, but more importantly it gives them confidence that the product we are building for them is as accurate as possible”

One of the many products the engineering and fabrication team particularly pride themselves on is the design and fabrication of their PJL Man Baskets, featuring life-saving crush protection.

“We generally get nothing but positive feedback from our mining industry clients about our IT Man Baskets. We turn these around quite quickly and often. We not only build these baskets to our designs, but also work with our clients to provide them with a customized product that meets their requirements,” Zacc said.

“We had a particular client that wanted a hitch attachment so he can use his Caterpillar IT, on a site that only had Volvo IT Man Baskets, so we worked with the client and designed an adapter, where this particular hitch was able to pick up the Volvo Man Baskets with a Caterpillar IT.”

Along with customised solutions and stringent QA processes PJL ensures all concept designs are fully structurally certified and are manufactured to stringent Australian standards. These certified products are backed with non-destructive testing processes and formal documentation.

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