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Celebrating his tenth year at PJL, Major Projects Supervisor, Jeff King, is looking forward to what's to come at the mechanical and engineering business renowned for keeping equipment on the job.

Originally from Inverell NSW, Jeff moved to the Central West 20 years ago with his wife, who grew up in the Orange. Along with their three children, they enjoyed the regional city lifestyle while Jeff ran a Snap-On Tools franchise before accepting a position at PJL.

"I was initially in another area of PJL. I'd found my niche and I was happy to hide away and just work hard, but the CEO Ben Farrands pulled me out of my comfort zone and put me up for the challenge as supervisor," Jeff said. "I've really enjoyed that challenge and loved bringing my passion for what I do to the table."

Jeff says one of his highlights from the past ten years is the travel. 

"Because of this job, I've been given the opportunity to work in every state of Australia including the Pilbura and Mount Isa."

He touts the company's attitude to its workers as one of the reasons why he enjoys coming to work every day. 

"The thing I really love about PJL is that it's in the DNA of the company to give its people the confidence to turn up, and have a crack. You get the support you need from management and it doesn't matter what your skillset, or your age is, as long as you have a red hot go, you're respected."

When asked how he can see the next ten years at PJL, Jeff says, "I can't imagine because I certainly couldn't imagine the amazing progress we've made in the last ten years. The state-of-the-art robotics and tools that have been developed, and we have access to, is incredible!

"I think PJL is Orange’s best kept secret," Jeff adds. "When we walk new clients through, they’re blown away by our capabilities."

While Jeff seems nonchalant about his ten year anniversary at PJL, he's certainly fired up about what he hopes to acheive in the next few years in his role. 

"I really want to promote the fact that everything here is Australian made. The people of Orange and Australia should be proud that we manufacture things here. The car companies may have given up, but we're expanding. Australia should be seen as a manufacturing hub, and its nice to be part of that."


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