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Creusabro® is high performance wear resistant steel, designed to extend the service life of machines by 50%-100% thanks to its titanium carbides and reactive surface.

Creusabro® plates are popular in the mining industry for their ability to prolong the life of mobile or fixed mining equipment.

PJL Group is a proud distributor of:

Creusabro®4800 - a wear resistant steel offering up to 50% extra service life compared with a 400 HB water quenched steel.

Creusabro®Dual – an advanced abrasion-resistant steel dedicated to severe sliding wear conditions.

Creusabro®8000 – an advanced abrasion-resistant steel with a better compromise between abrasion resistance and crack resistance in extreme applications. More than 50% higher wear life than 500HB conventional water quenched steels.

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