Rebuilds Case Study with Jeff King

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When it comes to mining equipment rebuilds, PJL is quite literally a ‘one stop shop.’ Once a machine is delivered to the team, all processes are under PJL’s control and stringent quality processes.

Major Projects Supervisor, Jeff King says nothing is left to chance.

“Everything is done here on site, all the mechanical work, components build, sand blasting, all the fabrications, painting and electrical repairs,” he said.

“With everything completed and supervised here, we’re able to control the quality and be price competitive, as we don’t have to pay a third party contractor or organise freight to various locations.”

Mining equipment sent to PJL are truly in need of some TLC.

“Loaders or trucks work in an extraordinarily harsh operating environment underground, that’s what they’re designed to do, so when they come out of the hole they look battered and bruised,” Jeff said.

“But after a few thousand man hours, where every nut, bolt, washer, wire and hose is stripped down and we complete a rebuild, it’s satisfying knowing that machine can go back and get to work for another four or five years.”

While purchasing a new machine from an OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) might involve a lengthy lead in time, the rebuild team at PJL can transform loaders and trucks from rusty to refurbished and ready to go in just eight to 10 weeks.

Component and machinery life is extended due to the decreased risk of contamination during the rebuild process. Cleaning, inspection, reassembly and testing of every component is completed in a climate controlled ‘clean room.’

“We have exceptional quality assurance processes, and I think we’d be Australia’s best laid out and set up workshop for our industry, in a large, modern, clean and well organised facility,” Jeff said.

With a crew of around 40 to 50 involved in rebuilds to help get equipment back on the job as quickly as possible, the end result is satisfying for not only the PJL team, but also their clients.

“It’s a buzz when a refurbished machine gets loaded on the float and we put the covers on,” Jeff said.

“I’m very proud of the work that we do, particularly when you consider the work involved and the timeframes we do it in. It’s quite a complex operation.”

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