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The latest and greatest from us here at PJL.

TR17 - CAT AD45B Ejector Truck Rebuild

PJL Group has recently delivered TR17 – CAT AD45B Ejector truck following its complete 12,000hr midlife rebuild. Every component has been fully refurbished and the machine delivered on time and incident free.​

Production Drill PD0065 Rebuild

PJL Group recently finalised a complete midlife rebuild on Production Drill PD0065 for Pybar. This drill had been parked up for over 12 months prior to coming into the PJL Orange facilities where the machine was stripped completely bare and fully reconditioned.

Newcrest Mining Sealink Project

This project saw the extensive upgrade of Newcrest’s old facility in Blayney to a new facility on the Sealink rail connection. The close proximity to the rail connection enabled fast and efficient links to ports and transport hubs.​

Demobilisation of Sandvik T60 Trucks a success!

PJL Group, in conjunction with Clarkes Cranes, recently facilitated the demobilisation and removal of 8 Sandvik T60 Trucks from Newcrest. Newcrest were selling their decommissioned fleet and asked PJL Group to assist them in the removal of the trucks from site. The trucks were lifted onto floats...

PJL Group goes international!!

PJL Group has been working closely with Fresco, an engineering & design company based out of Auckland. The core work has been primarily performing manufacturing, fabrication and sub-contracting work, with many large-scale works being sent inter-state and overseas.

Rail Mat Project at Ridgeway

PJL Group recently completed the manufacture of 1,000 metres of dual rail mat to be installed into the East & West tipples underground at Ridgeway.

Roller Change-Out Basket Project

PJL Group worked closely with Cadia Valley Operations to design a ‘first-of-its-kind’ roller change-out basket. This innovative idea has removed the need to pull up the belt to change rollers, saving time and money!

Industrial Shed Project

PJL Group have been busy this year, building a large industrial shed with 8 individual bays. PJL Group began designing the shed in June 2013, utilising their 2D and 3D design capabilities. Standing 9.8m high and 11m x 20m on the ground, the shed has been designed for maximum utilisation of space.

PJL Group Caters For Multiple Re-Builds

In 2013, PJL Group re-built three loaders at the same time, across their Orange workshops. This was an outstanding achievement for the entire PJL Group team. The scale of work testing our team, and true to form, the positive response showcases our capability to accommodate multiple large scale...

Complete In-House Service Delivers Benefits

In 2013, PJL Group was working in their Orange workshop on two mechanical and structural rebuilds in large mining equipment from Mt Isa QLD. Though the Orange workshop is some way away from Mt Isa, PJL Group were chosen because of the quality delivered, representing by meeting or exceeding...

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