Service Exchange Components with Chris Plummer

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With a few million dollars’ worth of service exchange components on the shelf ready to go, PJL is perfectly placed to help clients in the case of a failure, supplying vital equipment to ensure they can minimise downtime.

Chris Plummer, PJL’s East Coast General Manager says their stock levels are abundant.

“We’re carrying in excess of three million dollars’ worth of items all over Australia to help customers in the event of an unexpected break down,” Chris said.

“A lot of our customers won’t carry their own spare items because of the capital outlay involved, or perhaps there’s a component they’ve had that’s out being repaired, so they’ll grab an item from us.”

All service exchange components are maintained to original equipment manufacturer standards, giving clients confidence that the items provided by PJL are serviced and maintained to the highest levels.

“The clients are happy with the quality and quantity of stock we have, and the locations across Australia they’re available from,” Chris said.

“We try and strategically place items based around what our major clients are likely to need. The response we get from clients is they appreciate the research we’ve done into ensuring the right components are stocked and easily accessible from locations near them.”

Reducing downtime for clients is something PJL particularly prides itself on.

“We had a client recently that had a machine down with a rear axle group failure, and we were the only suppliers that had a rear axle group available,” Chris said.

“We shipped it the same day and sent some field service guys down on the same day to help install the axle group. The client’s downtime could have been weeks, but it was actually only a couple of days, by the time we got the component there and helped with the installation.”

PJL’s service exchange component inventory is constantly growing, and the team prides itself on being available 24/7 to ensure clients can obtain the component they need in the shortest possible timeframes.

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